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Aside from the fact that Canada is the dream destination of many people because of its competitive advantages such as low tax rates, lifestyle advantages and such, it is also the place to be this coming February 12-28, 2010 which is the official 21st Winter Olympics. It will be one historical event when sport enthusiasts around the world gather together in Vancouver, Canada one of North America’s stunning cities. The XXI Olympic Winter Games is the third Olympics that will be held in Canada.


There were a lot of stages involved in the realization of the Olympic hosting event – the bid, the construction, the location, the marketing, and finally the torch relay which will officially open the Olympic ceremony. During the bidding, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced Vancouver, Canada as the winner last July 2, 2003 against the 2 countries PyeongChang, South Korea and Salzburg, Austria. By February 12, 2009 the one year countdown for the 21st Winter Olympics began.


After the bidding process, there was another fundraising issue for the construction of the venue. The Sea to Sky Highway was expanded to increase the flow of traffic between Vancouver and Whistler, meanwhile a new underground mass transit line was developed in Cambie Street which was named as the Canada Line, facilities were also upgraded at Cypress Mountain, and security was also budgeted.


Finally, the Olympic torch relay started last October 22, 2009 and the flamed torch will be carried by 12,000 Canadians from Greece, to the North Pole towards Canada’s High Arctic to the West Coast and then to Vancouver for 106 days, making it the longest relay route. There will be a total of15 winter sports events lined up for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Bobsled, luge, skeleton, ice hockey, figure skating, speed skating, short track speed skating, and curling are categorized as ice sports. Alpine, freestyle, and snowboarding are categorized under alpine skiing and snowboarding. Lastly, the four remaining sports are under the Nordic events category namely biathlon, cross country skiing, ski jumping, and Nordic combined.


Canada is spending a lot of effort, time, and money for the realization of the 2010 21st Winter Olympics. It’s very tedious but all efforts will be paid for once the games start this coming February and the Opening Ceremony will be unveiled.  If you’re planning to go to Canada during these times will be favorable for you and your beloved ones because of the Olympics, the many celebrations to follow, and the many places you can visit to.


Not only will you get to see the parade of colors live, you will also anticipate a one enormous street party throughout the Games starting from Richmond, where 350 Asian restaurants are located, up to Whistler Village, where the snow sport enthusiasts will be. Hotels, restaurants, and such will be bustling with residents and tourists eager to party and join such a momentous celebration.


It an important year and a great reason to be in Canada this 2010 which is to celebrate Olmypics 2010 in Canada that will surely leave treasured memories within you.




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