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Tourists, international students, skilled workers and other visitors to Canada need visitors medical health insurance plans. Returning Canadians or awaiting Provincial Health Care Coverage new immigrants should be insured to protect against unexpected medical costs in case of emergency as well. Relatives of Visitors to Canada should ensure that their Visitors have valid Canadian Medical Health Insurance for Canada too.
Canadian health system does not cover people which do not have proper provincial insurance! Practicaly each Canadian save thousands dollars keeping Government insurance. Visitors can cover potencial losses buying here up to $150,000 CAD coverage. Unlike other insurance professionals we recommend to purchase much more than a minimum policy ($10,000 limits). It is better to have a proper policy rather than lying to yourself while buying a minimum policy.

If you want you coverge starts at the moment you have just arrived Buy Visitors to Canada Emergency and Medical Insurance On-Line Now before you have arrived to the country.

There are many companies in Canada which provide such coverages for you. These are Manulife Financial Travel Insurance (Cover me program), Travel Insurance Coordinators (TIC), Royal Sun Alliance, Trent Health, Industrial Alliance Pacific (IAP) , Travel Underwriters (TU), and others. You do not have to care about companies. All of them are great and do their job properly. We will take care what company to choose for you. It will depend upon your age and preexisting conditions. The companies use different policies regarding pre-existing conditions.

If you have pre-existing conditions and you are 35 years old or older but you medical conditions are stable you should choose plan "B" . Buy Visitors to Canada Insurance with Pre-Existing Conditions On Line Now

Visitors To Canada Coverage

Emergency basis only: Hospital Confinement -for Standard and sometimes semi-private rooms, services and supplies Medical Services: Services of a legally licensed MD or Surgeon, Anesthetist, Registered Nurse Lab tests, x-ray exams, other diagnostic tests Licensed local air, land or sea ambulance Rental of hospital type bed, crutches, trusses, braces, splints or other approved prosthetic appliances Emergency Out Patient services Drugs or Medicines while hospitalized and a set limit if not hospitalized Return of Deceased Body to Insureds' residence, or cost of cremation or burial at place of death Accidental Dental -set limits on costs of damage from accidental blow to the face Air Flight Accident (usually an option) 24 hour Accidental Death or Dismemberment (usually an option)

To Check The Prices and Apply For Travel Underwriters Click Here = Visitors to Canada Emergency and Medical Web Insurance (On-Line)


Ongoing treatment after emergency sickness or injury is taken care of Elective, non emergency treatment Travelling against Doctors orders (includes sick person not telling his doctor he is travelling) Certain sports or professional sports activities Pregnancy associated costs Pre-existing conditions (check out my Manulife plan listed above) Injury or sickness resulting from illegal use of drugs or alcohol Criminal activity Act of War, terrorism, kidnapping, armed forces or exercises.

How To Choose Proper Visitors To Canada Medical Insurance

The best choice is to buy maximum coverage if you can afford it.

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