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How can I confirm that I am under Canadian refugee status?

There is no legal procedure to know whether you are accepted as a refugee because a single decision maker will hear your problem and make the decision. It is advisable to have a written format of the problem you face in the country and you can get the support of the lawyer who is well versed with the Canadian refugee laws to know about your status.

Since June 28, 2002 Canadian Immigration law accepts refugees who fear for cruel punishment. The Canadian government does not accept the common reasons that every citizen faces in a country such as unavailability of medical treatment or insecurity.

If you are found involved in some violent activities and serious political crimes then you will be refused the refugee status. If you have the citizenship for more than one country then you should explain the reason why you are not safe in the countries for which you hold the citizenship. If it is found that you will be safe in one of those countries then refugee status will be cancelled immediately.

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