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What documents should the Sponsored persons submit to get the sponsorship?

The sponsored person should submit an Application Form for Canadian Permanent Residence in Canada, Completely filled Family Information Form and the Use of Representation form if applicable. Schedule 1 form should be submitted by the Spouse, common in law partner, conjugate partner and each of the dependent children of age 18 or above. In case of the Spouse or common-law partner or conjugate partner an additional Questionnaire should be filled and submitted. If the Applicants are intended to reside in the province of Quebec then he/she should submit an Application for a Quebec Certificate of Selection form. The proof for the medical examination conducted by the medical practitioner recognized by the Canadian Immigration department should be submitted by the Sponsored person.

The following documents should be attached with the Application

  • Passport and identity proofs

  • Age proofs

  • Police clearance certificates for clearing the criminality tests.

  • Household Register forms etc.

  • Marriage certificates stating the relationship with the spouse.

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