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What are the documents that the Sponsor should submit to get qualified?

The following forms should be completed signed and submitted by the Sponsor and the Co-signer:

  • The undertaking form and the Application

  • A sponsorship agreement signed by both the Sponsor and the Sponsored person

  • Sponsorship evaluation agreement

  • Completely filled Questionnaire for the Spouse/Common-law Partner

  • The required fees for the government processing

  • Use of Representative form, if necessary.

The following additional documents should be enclosed with the application:

1) Form that states the “Statutory Declaration of Common law union” in case the Sponsor’s Co-signer is a common law partner.

2) The documents needed for sponsorship evaluation are

  • Tax payment slips

  • Pay stubs or salary slips

  • Evidence for the income or pension plan

  • Legal Proofs for the properties, insurance, personal loans and credits.

3) The documents stating the status of the Canadian Sponsor is essential

  • Copy of the Citizenship Card

  • Proof of the birth certificate issued in Canada or the Birth Certificate issued abroad along with the copy of the Certificate of Retention of Canadian Citizenship.

  • Permanent resident card

4) The documents that states the Relationship of the Sponsor with the Sponsored person should be submitted

  • Copy of the marriage certificates

  • Birth certificates of the children or the legal Adoption orders.

  • Passports and identity proofs of the children and parents.

5) Documents stating the cancellation of the relationship with the previous spouse before getting into the relationship with the sponsored spouse or common law partner.

6)A Document that shows the agreement that the sponsor who is residing outside Canada at present will reach Canada when the Sponsored person reaches the country.

The Sponsor should additionally complete and submit the forms provided by the Quebec Government if the Sponsor is residing in the Province of


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