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Will I be qualified for the Visa under Skilled worker category even if I score less than 67 points?

It is made possible if it is found that you are capable of establishing economically good settlement successfully in Canada. Canadian Immigration Visa Officer believes that the points do not determine your ability to get settled in Canada and he may use his power positively to approve your application even if your score is less than 67.

At the minimum you should satisfy the condition that with in the last ten years you should have worked continuously at least for one year in one of the full time and part-time paid jobs approved by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

In addition you should satisfy the CIC requirements such as you should either have

  • One continuous year experience in full-time paid jobs which comes under 38 qualifying occupations within the past ten years;

  • Resided in Canada legally as a Temporary foreign worker or currently residing in Canada as an International student;

  • Arranged Employment.

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