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Canada's Ultra-high-paying Jobs

Price has been up, not only paid up, which have well-paid work, in fact, in all walks of life, you always think of well-paid jobs, Forbes magazine listed six like you imagined that the high-paying jobs, To the friends you want to find a job reference for information!

Looking for well-paid job? As a matter of fact not difficult to find high-paying jobs, but often high-paying jobs other people are afraid to do so, high-paying jobs or high risk, such as the casino licensing, service personnel are in the air, the following is the list of six high-paying jobs.

1. Flight attendants

Many people think that the flight attendants is in the air when 000 service personnel, in fact, it would take a number of skills, including management, safety training, foreign language training routes also, so is a well-paid work. According to statistics, more than 10% of the flight attendants an annual salary of up to $ 102,660, and all the flight attendants have an average annual salary of $ 62,880, the best treatment for the airline.

2. Farms professional managers

That the work on the farm money in it? Professional farm management of the yuan needs of professional agricultural knowledge and understanding of agricultural production, but also know how to operate the farm, resulting in the largest marginal effect, the poor do not have to pay, of course, on average, professional agricultural professional managers salary There are $ 61,030, high one heart to even get more than $ 103,660.

3. Salespeople

Electronic products and retail product sales, if willing to strive forward, salaries are also very impressive, 10% of the annual sales of up to $ 103,910, most of the sales staff earn at least $ 50,750 a year, the overall average salary in this industry can be Up to $ 60,190.

4. Computer network management

Computer network managers need a network of professional knowledge, be able to deal with all kinds of information online; high-level managers can also analyze the data, which should lead to improvements in the network or the operating company, so must the high salary. Similarly, 10% of the computer network at least annual salary up to $ 105,980, on average, computer network management staff salary of $ 70,760.

5. Loan officers

Although the loan-to-time by the turmoil, the loan officer's salary is high, because these people are in need of professional financial knowledge, and whether the housing market is good or bad, people will buy sell and therefore a substantial demand. Professional lender, the average salary of $ 62,610 a year, but the better the performance of annual salary up to at least $ 106,130 more than the current treatment of Alaska's best loan officers

6. Casino manager

Casino manager is the management of major casinos, casinos have a variety of games, each game has professional managers to view the gamblers, understand the trends, and other members of the licensing, casino managers, the average annual salary of about $ 69,600, but the efforts of a point With annual profits of $ 106,220 is very simple.

More JOBS Natural science managers, Highest salary: $97,560, Marketing managers, like CEOs, Highest salary: $100,020, Computer and information systems managers, Highest salary: $100,110, air traffic controllers, Highest salary: $100,430, Lawyers, Highest salary: $110,590, orthodontics, Highest salary: $132,660, pilots, Highest salary: $134,090, Engineering managers, Highest salary: $140,210, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Highest salary: $140,880, Surgeon, Highest salary: $181,850

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