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The beaches in Canada are among the places to bask when your immigration to Canada is approved. Two of the beaches in Manitoba that you should not miss are the Grand Beach on Lake Winnipeg and the Little Limestone Lake Park Reserve in the Northern part of Grand Rapids.

The Grand beach stretches within the Grand Beach Provincial Park. It is endowed with two 3-km beaches—the West Beach and the East Beach. According to Playboy magazine, the West Beach is the world’s best beach while the East beach is perfect for family bonding, particularly if you want to engage in volleyball.

 Canada’s provinces are the places prized for their breathtaking beaches. With the exception of Northwest Territories and Nunavut, almost every province and territory has one beach belonging to Canada’s top 25 beaches as compiled by the magazine Canadian Geographic.

If the place of your immigration to Canada is Ontario, the Sauble Beach, with its 11 kilometers of sandy beach, is a great place to be at home with nature. Voted for its best freshwater by Reader’s Digest, the sandbar deposits in Sauble make the water shallow and warm for everyone’s delight.

Its Bruce Peninsula National Park—known for its biosphere preserve—and Fathom Five National Marine Park are home to twenty-two ship wrecks lighthouses, and are famous places if you are in for serenity adventure.

Within the Lesser Slave Lake Provincial Park, Alberta, the seven kilometers of beaches boast of their white sand and enticing waters. However, if you are interested in relishing historical drama, the Devonshire Beach never disappoints its visitors. The rare sand dune ecology unique of Devonshire can be traced back all the way to 1500s.

Such time-tested beach is glorified to hold the annual sand building competition. Moreover, the scenic lake from its 983-meter Marten Mountain Viewpoint is a spectacle to behold. In Nova Scotia, the Northumberland Shore is prized for its warm waters. Melmerby’s beach stretches in north of Carolinas and is famous for inviting saltwater destination.

Where else can you find sandy beaches and majestic dunes in one place if not in Brackley Beach in Prince Edward Island National Park? Its beauty cannot be contained that followers of Anne of Green Gables miniseries.

Beaches are not just for swimming. There are several sports that can be done on waters. Sandbanks, popular among tourists because of the presence of three beaches having golden colored sand and crystal waters hosts sports such as sailing, windsurfing and canoeing. Dunes and Outlets beaches are truly irresistible.

If you could imagine a fourteen-kilometer long beach that offers overlooking view of Canadian Blue Mountain, nothing else comes into mind except the Wasaga Beach, resting on the southern part of Georgia Bay.

Besides these, other beaches in Canada that belong to the top twenty five include the Manitou Beach, Sask, Kluane lake, and little Limetone lake park. Canada holds the title of being the World’s second largest country. Its people enjoy the best of life, and that includes the dunes and beaches.

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